Share (Savings) Account

Since members own the credit union, savings are called “shares.” Your savings account is therefore called a share account. Instead of interest, you earn dividends on your shares (savings), which come from the credit union’s income after meeting expenses and legal reserve requirements. The dividend paid by the credit union is determined by the Board of Directors and is generally higher than the passbook rate of other financial institutions.

Share Draft (Checking) Account

Checking accounts with no monthly service charges, no per-check fees, and no minimum balance are available. Monthly statements of your checking account activity will be provided. You have an option to choose Overdraft Protection. If funds are not available in your checking account an overdraft can automatically be transferred from your savings account. Upon approval an overdraft loan is also available. Click here to access our Fee Schedule associated with the share draft account.

We offer Legacy Checks to our members at great prices. If you have placed at least one order with the company previously you may order directly through this link or contact the credit union for your check order.

Debit Cards

Kilowatt Credit Union offers debit cards. There is a $500 limit for point of sale and $300 limit for ATM withdrawals. Please contact the credit union for application and details.

If your debit card is lost or stolen you can report it to Vantiv Card Services at 1-800-528-2273, 24/7.